Friday, March 15, 2013

Habitat Update

I am amazed at how quickly the visiting college students, with help from some local contractors, are assembling the house.

Two weeks ago, local contractors started with pouring the concrete base for the foundation and laying all but the last 3 rows of brick.

Last week, inspite of the snowy and rainy weather, the foundation was finished and 20 college students from Iowa were able to assemble the flooring

This week, 12 students from Indiana have raised the walls and the roof!

The front and side windows installed too!

 Today, the contractors put most of the shingles on the roof 

Next week, students from Pennsylvania are scheduled to finish installing the windows and doors and install the siding!  Electrical, plumbing and insulation contractors are scheduled too.  I am totally amazed at how quickly this is coming together!

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  1. Thatis so awesome! A nice surprise to see how fast it is moving along.