Tuesday, April 10, 2012

what's on your bed?

Last Monday was laundry day for Bonnie Hunter and she showed us a picture of what she put on her newly cleaned bed  http://quiltville.blogspot.com/2012/04/whats-on-your-bed.html  and asked for a link to what's on our own bed.  So.....

This quilt I purchased  (gasp!) from JC Penny maybe 15 years ago ... that was way before I knew what quilting was!  I loved the floral applique and at this point, could probably make one myself.  Maybe, one day, I will..  But, in the meantime... with a simple cotton blanket underneath I happily continue to use it.
  Several years ago I hurt my shoulder raising up the garage door.  As I rolled around under the covers and got tangled up in blankets I would hurt myself pulling with that shoulder.  So, I started sleeping with quilts and blankets pulled up to armpit level but my arms and shoulders would get cold...even with long-sleeved flannel nighty!

A few weeks later I was gifted this quilt by a friend who attended auctions to fill her booth at a local consignment shop.  She spotted this flimsy and had it quilted for me.  I belive it was made with original 1930's sack cloths.   I woke up cold again one night and grabbed it to lay over my exposed arms and shoulders.  I usually keep it neatly folded on top of my pillow when not in use. 

There are some worn spots in the muslin where there was some light staining and I have been eyeing it lately trying to figure out how to repair the damage before it gets any worse.


  1. Even though it is sore bought...it is a great quilt!! Thanks for sharing!! Hugs

  2. Sometimes I don't try to repair a quilt, just handle it carefully. Other times I take a square of silk organza or nylon organza (because I can see through them), fold a tiny hem under on all sides and then hand baste it to the quilt so the stuffing is protected from coming through the fibers but the quilt can still be seen. Something like that might work here too.

  3. Pretty quilt on your bed. I like it.
    The antique quilt is great. I have also heard that some people use a matching piece of fine netting over the worn spot.