Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Walk

We were watching our grandson again last weekend... or was it the weekend before... I'm a bit behind on my postings... anyway, watching him always involves a walk with Toby (the dog) for some special cookies from Mutter... that's his great grandmother (my Mom) . 

The unusually warm weather (80 degrees in February and March!) and wet Spring has lots of flowers and trees blooming throughout the neighborhood.

A neighbor getting sweaty working out in the yard has hung up her hat in an effort to cool off! LOL!

The big entertainment of this walk were the dandylions sprouting up in lawns alongside the road.  Blowing and sending the fuzzballs flying was loads of fun for the grandson... I don't think grandpa or the neighbors will be thrilled with the resulting increased population of dandylions in the lawn! 

As is typical this time of year, the skies quickly darkened and we barely made it home in time to escape the downpour!  It is difficult (for me) to take pictures of the heavy rains but you can see the resulting runoff!


And while it poured outside we all took shelter in the garage for while.


  1. The flora around your neighborhood is beautiful. Your DGS is just so cute. Doesn't look like the cast slowed him down too much.
    Happy Easter

  2. Springtime flowers are the best!!! Making memories with your DGS is great! Happy Easter to you.