Monday, April 2, 2012

March... In like a lion...

I've been forced to take a break from computers and blogging and even cut back on my quilting (gasp)!  This month of March has been very busy and hectic, but not necessarily in a good way.  

The month started with a phone call full of wailing and tears as my daughter's heart was broken once again when she and the boyfriend split, again.  I think it is a permanent break this time.  I know there is more to the story than she has let on, and I hope that one day she will confide in me, but for now all I can do pray her heart heals and she can move on to find a better true love.

Next came a phone call from day care.  My adventurous grandson took to jumping off one of the playground toys... and although it was only a foot or so off the ground, he landed wrong and broke his elbow!  We had to pin him down to get the cast on and then he cried pitifully for hours afterwards... Nana.. take it off!  I need it off!  A good night's sleep and he was off and running and jumping again the next morning.  Thank goodness children bounce back so quickly when they are young!  The cast is scheduled to be removed next week and he is looking forward to a promised day of water play when it is gone!

Then came a cancer diagnosis for our church secretary and some immediate surgery to remove part of her colon.  The surgery was successful and initial tests look encouraging.  She is awaiting one more set of test results before deciding if further treatment is necessary.  With 4-6 weeks recovery time from the surgery, I've had to step in and work full time at her job in addition to my family and quilting obligations.  As each day passes I have discovered  how much "extra" work this secretary has been doing that has gone unrecognized, until now.  Things just always got done and no-one realized how much extra she just quietly did.  So far I have managed to scurry around and get most of it done, but I know I can't go on much longer and keep up with my own obligations.  So I've cut back on my quilting commitments, rearranged some personal appointments and  I've gotten permission and have now trained a helper so that we can split the job between us, working 2.5-3 days each.  Hopefully between the two of us we won't forget anything.

Next came the phone call no parent wants to hear... Mom... the car is totalled... I've got some bumps and bruises but the baby is fine!  On a dark and wet night, a tractor-trailer cut in front of the car in front of her and set off a chain reaction of squealing breaks and spinning cars.  She managed to not over-correct and to not roll the car, but it did bang into and bounce off the walls of the nearby overpass before finally coming to a stop in an upright position.  The car behind her also got banged up and several cars behind them were strewn about the highway when all was done.  The offending tractor-trailer and lead car went on their merry way and we are left dealing with the insurance company and figuring out work schedules and car-sharing until she can replace it. 

The good news for the month is that she has found a new job working as a home-caregiver.  She is now happily working in the medical field rather than fast food!  She still hopes to one day be able to go back to school and get her RN.


  1. Hopefully that is all the bad news for a long time. I am glad to hear you are job sharing now, which should make it a tiny bit easier for you. I am also happy that DD has a job and is happy with it.
    I hope the little one's arm is all healed so that cast can come off. And I hope and pray that DD is well and truely done with that BF.

  2. Sending blessings that your Spring turns colorful & bright!