Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Depot

In historic downtown Cookeville, next to The Depot is parked this 3-car train.
There is an engine,  a coal car and a caboose.
When we first moved here, ten years ago, I took the kids on a train ride to Nashville. 
We rode on refurbished rail cars, high class travel back in the day.
There was a "bar" car selling sodas and  a "window" car with a glass roof for a full view. 
It was a 3-hour trip there; 2 hours to walk, shop or eat in downtown Nashville; then the 3-hour ride home.
I mistakenly thought it was a guided tour showing points of interest and local history.  OOPS!
No, just a long leisurely ride to the city.  I wish I had brought a book or games to entertain the kids.
I'm glad that we have highways and cars to get around in these days.

Here's The Depot Museum.
I have yet to find time to be there when it is open.

Opposite  is "the old shirt factory" that in recent years has been used by local bands to hold concerts and other social gatherings for the 20-somethings in the area.  I'm guessing that it was purposely located next to the train station for ease in shipping products in and out.
Every now and then I hear someone talking about having worked in the factory or I see an old quilt like the pink one pictured in a previous post http://madakamom.blogspot.com/2012/04/happy-easter-ok-im-little-late-but.html that  I assume was made and backed with shirting from this factory.

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