Monday, May 23, 2011

Kimmie's Wedding Quilt... Part 6

Feet back on the ground in TN and back to work. First things first though. Playing "kickballgame" with my grandson in the backyard (which means kicking a football around the yard about a million times)!

and having spaghetti for dinner with fresh picked strawberries for dessert! A nice warm bubble bath and the little angel is off to dreamland!

All the pieces are ready to assemble into a quilt!

To make the center of the quilt these blocks are sewn "on point" so that means assembling in rows starting at the top left corner and assembling the rows diagonally rather than straight across. Unfortunately I didn't remember to take pictures of the process. But, eight hours later most of the center of the quilt is pieced...all but the 4 corner pieces. See those corners with the blue... there is supposed to be a string block there! AAARRRGGHH! I walked around in circles looking everywhere for the missing pieces. I finally gave up and layed it out and took this picture thinking I would have to make another string block tomorrow to get this done. After taking the picture I picked up the top to put away and guess what I found underneath?.... yep... the missing block. Now it's all together and ready for the border.

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