Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Wedding

Pre-dawn wake up, driving in the dark to the airport, parking and shuttle to the ticket booth, new-fangled scanner thingys (and a pat down for Matthew) and we make it to the gate with five minutes to spare!

Earplugs in. Lots of gum chewing! ...and we are on our way! First stop, Detroit. Three visits to Urgent Care during the past week with massive doses of antibiotics, decongestants and steriods did the trick... no burst eardrums! A BRISK walk from one end of the terminal to the other (something like 40 gates!) and onto the next plane to Elmira.

The natives are a little different here in Elmira. I have to admit I've not seen tails like this in TN.

It's a little gray and cool here (compared to sunny and 90 in TN) but the rain seems to be holding off for the wedding.

Next, a 50 min drive on country roads across the border into Pennsylvania and we made it!

The happy couple exchange vows

There was even an adorable flower girl

Matthew with his beautiful cousins!

The reception at the VFW afterwards, seeing family and friends all decked out, lots of food and music and dancing! It was all sooo much fun and it was all over too quick. The trip home was uneventful. Met this cutie on his way to florida. Wish I was going with him!

I came home to an exhausted grandpa, a boisterous grandson and about 8 quarts of strawberries! Pie anyone?

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