Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kimmie's Wedding Quilt... Part 7

I'm almost there! The next step in this process is to attach the borders. The inner border is a narrow green strip, followed by the outer border which is pieced. But the outer border has to be pieced and measured first and then the green border cut to size to make the outer border fit.

To make the outer border I'll need these "threesies".

Then take eightsix 3.25in squares and cut diagonally twice for 344 triangles

I then chain pieced the brown triangles to first one side of the threeseis

and then the other side to make the parallelograms

And here's a little peak at what the pieced border will look like.

I will be working every spare minute this week in order to get this ready for quilting! I am soooo close to being done!

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