Sunday, July 3, 2016

2016-06 My backyard garden

Two weeks away in Canada and Pennsylvania and my little garden had turned into a jungle!

The peas and spinach had shriveled up and died.  But,  I was able to harvest several kolharabi bulbs and they were delicious!  I've also had several kale salads from my garden this week... and I left the plants to continue growing in hopes of salads to come.

Several of the Gladiolas bloomed, as did the Vinca and one of the Geraniums.  The second Geranium doesn't look too good, but maybe some TLC will bring it back to life.  My roses had all bloomed and were covered in japanese beetles!  YUCK!  I cut off the eaten flowers and will talk to hubby about something for the beetles.  Hopefully I'll have more blooms.

Once the weeding was done I began laying down the shale rock to cover the drainage pipe.  Hubby didn't want it burried again.  It will be easier the next time it gets clogged to just lift off the shale rather than dig it up again.

Back in April,  I saw a suggestion on the internet that you could cover a slice of tomato in soil and plants would sprout.  So I filled two pots with soil and tossed a tomato slice from an heirloom tomato in each pot and covered them with dirt.

I was pleasantly surprised that it worked!  Between the two pots, one month later I have 9 small surviving plants.  I planted 6 of them plus two store-bought Roma tomato plants in my garden.  Hopefully I will have lots of nice fresh picked tomatoes next month!

Hubby's garden was a jungle too!  You could hardly find the strawberry and bean plants! He has spent several hours each night after work weeding out there and is harvesting zuchinni, yellow squash and green beans.

The strawberries are done for the season.  We are waiting on the raspberries and blackberries to ripen and have harvested about 2 quarts of blueberries.  YUM

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  1. That is more than a "little" garden I would say. Lots of work, but so much fun to pick your fruit and veggies and enjoy eating them. I haven't had a garden in years. I hope that maybe next year I can do some raised beds.