Thursday, July 7, 2016

2016-06 Chimney Troubles

Early this Spring, when we turned off the gas fireplace we use to supplement the heat pump,  we noticed that water was coming in our chimney!  It has taken quite some time, but we finally located a mason willing to work on the repair.

Raymond and his son Cody tore the chimney apart down to the roof line, brick by brick, saving as much as he could of the old bricks because they would be difficult to match since they aren't made like this anymore.

He was shocked to discover that the chimney was hollow on each side all the way down to the tinder box.  There was only one row of brick on either side of the flue!  He had never seen anything like it in over 30 years of mason work!

He and his son replaced the flue and built the chimney back up with used/throw-away bricks that he located from two different locations!  I think he did an excellent job of matching!

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  1. Looks like they did a really good job. Sounds like it was really a more important repair than you even knew.