Monday, June 30, 2014

Sewing Vacation Part Deux

Friday was my day to drive up Paducha and search Hancocks for backings and borders for my projects.  

I found this blues/white geometric fabric that will make the perfect backing for Cracker Barrel

 I had to search long and hard for a border fabric for the blue baby quilt.  I walked up and down every aisle in search of something perfect.  I thought  the clamshell design in this fabric mimicked the circular dots in the blue sashing.  Also the variety of colors seemed to blend with the colors in the toile.


Next I needed something to bring all the colors of the Quiltmakers Block Swap quilt together.  I think this pink floral fit the bill nicely.  I draws on the floral shapes of the center block, the pink of the border and the pale orange and green throughout.  I even found another small piece of pale green on the discount table to use for binding.

I spent a lot of time browsing through the discount table at the front of the store...looking for nothing in particular.  These fabrics struck me as pretty and I will be making placemats with them when I get home.

I also found this beach themed fabric... perfect to use for a backing or borders for my Happiness Key wall hanging designed by Pat Sloan a couple years ago.  That is another project that I must pull out and finish one of these days.

It had been a day of threatening storms... nothing happened here at the cabin but I drove through some heavy downpours both to and from Paducha.   I quickly cut and stitched the newly acquired borders and now have 4 tops ready for quilting..(pink baby, blue baby, quiltmakers and cracker barrel)


Just before sunset the sun peaked through the clouds and gave us a spectacular rainbow!  I hope the pictures on my camera capture it better than this phone picture.  It only lasted a minute, but it was gorgeous!

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  1. What a great trip! Sometimes finding backing is harder that pulling all the rest of the fabrics. Now you can quilt them fast when you get home. ;)