Monday, December 31, 2012

Easy Street Update

I have been working most of the afternoon, hoping to get caught up and ready for Step 7 Monday morning. Mission Accomplished!... almost. 

64 Sitting Turkeys..... done!

64 quarter square triangles.... cut!

128 Double Bricks...... 92 complete....Almost done..

I would be done, but I ran short on fabric.

I have been using three different black/white background fabrics and have been making all previous parts using equal amounts.  I knew I had uneven amounts of each fabric but I hoped it wouldn't make a difference.

So, for this step I used up the end of the lightest fabric... pairing it evenly with the other two cream fabrics until I ran out.   (23 double bricks of each)

Then I sewed the remaining other two fabric bricks together.... I even pieced three bricks to stretch the fabric as much as possible... (46 double bricks)

but I need 36 more bricks of this Judie Rothermel fabric. 

I checked the online fabric luck. 

I've put a request out on Facebook in hopes that someone might have an extra quarter yard they would be willing to part reply yet.

I've made the 30 mile run to my LQS, but she doesn't have the fabric or anything close.

Worst case scenario.... I cut 36 squares of the one remaining fabric I have  to use place of the double bricks.  Bonnie did say that would work for those who only had one background fabric.  I'm hoping that I can make it work for me.

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  1. I don't think that I have any of that fabric, but I will have a look.
    Great progress!