Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas 2012 and Easy Street Part 4 Complete

Although the flu interrupted all my holiday travel and sewing plans I am feeling better and back among the living.  We enjoyed the subdued Christmas here at home as even my visiting brother and his family were fighting colds. The only ones full of any energy were Matthew and my grandson!   They decorated the tree together and played with the trains we set to run underneath.   

I made Christmas Eve dinner for #1 daughter and her boyfriend.  Obviously, the boyfriend is not accustomed to home cooked meals... his classic comment about my roast beef dinner... "Wow!  This is way better than Arby's!"

The best gift opening moment was when my grandson opened the Penguin night-light/pillow I bought him and exclaimed "AWESOME!"  We had to turn off all the lights so he could see the stars it projected onto the ceiling.

Christmas morning hubby, Matthew and I opened our gifts.  Santa knew just what we needed!  A 2" strip die for my Studio cutter, rotary blade sharpener and a special glass teapot with blooming flower teas for me; fishing lures and a bucket of Hooters hot wing mix for hubby; and a variety of coloring and word search books, music CDs and a flat screen tv for Matthew with enough ports to plug in his array of electronic gizmos without having to go behind and switch wires anymore! 

Even Toby had a special treat!

#2 daughter and her boyfriend came for Christmas Day dinner and my brother and his family arrived earlier than expected and joined us too.  Things got hectic and I neglected to take pictures, but several more days of family meals and chats, walks, bowling, movies and fun was had by all.  Now the house is quiet and I'm up for some sewing again.

Easy Street Part 4... stacked geese... is now complete

Stacked Geese
 Part 5... Sitting Turkeys.... are all cut and are now in progress...

One Sitting Turkey.... 63 more to go!

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  1. Sounds like you were still very busy even with the time out for the flu. Glad you are better. I am also glad that you were able to enjoy your holiday. Matthew and DGS look like they were having a great time.
    Happy 2013!