Sunday, August 19, 2012


Meet Alena... my newest acquisition:

She is an Alden's Model 139 made in Tokyo Japan 1949-1953
She is a DeLuxe model with a knee pedal.
She is in good working condition... except for that belt that was  cracked and broke in transit.

 Ted ... my repairman... came by today and took a look at Alena.  I thought it was just a slow running machine... turns out there was the equivalent of a spool of thread wrapped around the shaft and bobbin shaft too!  Once that thread was removed he showed me how to oil her and she purrs like a kitten.  She has a very nice zig zag stitch too!  She is a High Left Shank machine (the needle is way left) so getting a quarter inch seam for quilting may be difficult.  Ted is going to try and locate a guide attachment that will screw into one of those holes on the base. 

I am very happy with my purchase!


  1. Congratulations on rescuing a beautiful old vintage machine! Aleana looks wonderful.

  2. She looks great. Hopethe repairman can find the attachment so that you can quilt with her too.