Wednesday, August 22, 2012

antique attachments

I recently obtained an assortment of antique sewing machine attachments that were supposed to work with the machines I bought.   They don't.   The box that some came in had a patent date of 1930 and the sewing machines I bought were made in the 1950's.

But my trusty Singer man, Ted, had some knowledge and ideas about what the parts were used for:

This box has a patent date stamp of February 13, 1930

We determined that this "rack" in the box was actually a bobbin holder

These are various sized rolled hem attachments

This is a ruffler
These appear to be an assortment of guides

We laughed looking at the top item... thinking it looked a lot like a golfing divot remover, but decided that it might be a feed dog cover.  The bottom is a faceplate cover.

rolled hem foot
This unknown gadget was patented Aug 7 1883

This unknown gadget was patented Aug 20 1881, Jan 17, 1882 and Jan 17 1882   It is also stamped with the words Davis  Advance to the right of those two holes

This is an assortment of miscellaneous unidentified parts and pieces

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