Monday, January 2, 2012

UFO Weekend ... Part Two

Today, once again, I was distracted by my grandson and didn't get a lot of sewing done. He was fascinated by the snow flurries that fell today and kept wanting to go out and play and leave footprints everywhere! I showed him how to scoop up some snow and squeeze it into a snowball to play catch with, but it was too cold for his bare hands and I didn't have any mittens or gloves for him.... Note to self... make kid-size mittens!

I finished the binding on Michael T's quilt last week and today I made the label and stitched it on the back. I'll go to the Post Office tomorrow and send it on it's way to California.

I completed the Shoofly block for my class sample and pieced the three blocks into a tablerunner. I can't decide on a pattern for a fourth block so I may just add a strip of muslin to each end to surround the blocks and call it done.

I can now declare this weekend a success with three completed UFOs and lots play time with the grandson.

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  1. The perfect week end. UFOs and time with your adorable DGS.