Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Year Starts With a BANG!

Last Thursday was a beautiful clear-blue sky, sunny, warm day.
I was having a good day....getting many little errands accomplished.
I was just minutes from home.
I slowed down to make my turn off the main drag.
I'm almost around and through the turn when....
I hear squealing brakes!
I see a flash of yellow in the rear view mirror.
A guy in a yellow F150 pick-up was drinking coffee on the way to work when the top slipped off his cup and he spilled it in his lap! He, of course, was distracted by that for "just a second" and when he looked up my bumper was way too close! Thankfully he was able to slow down some and didn't hit me at 50mph, so no one was hurt. But he did mess up my bumper and break my tail well as his headlight.

No major damage, just one more thing to deal with!

We both pulled off the road into the corner market parking lot and he just sat there. I kept waiting for him to come over to me and apologize... it was clearly his fault... but he didn't. So I got out and cautiously went over toward him. He was talking on one of those earphone things. When he did get out he asked me if I was ok and then stated that he was late for work and could we just exchange information. He handed me an envelope with what he said was his insurance number written on it and was pulling his lisence out of his wallet. I looked and the envelope was marked Past Due. He had his lisence but not his insurance card. I took one look at the envelope and told him no... my insurance adjuster has told me to always call the police and get a report. He rolled his eyes, sighed and got back in the truck.

I called the local police and about 30 minutes later THP came to take the report. He was cited for following too close and not having proof of insurance. With the way things have turned out so far, I'm really glad I called. I picked up the report from THP earlier this week and took it to my insurance agent. They have been unsuccessful in their attempts over the last few days to contact this guy to get his insurance information (maybe I should have kept the envelope). I have had to file a claim with my insurance for an uninsured driver and it is going to cost me the $200 deductible. My claims adjuster will be here in the morning.

If I am really lucky, the guy will come through with insurance and all will be covered. If not, I'm out the $200 deductible unless I want to try and sue him in small claims court.

The new year is staring off with a real bang!

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  1. I hope your insurance is able to contact that guy. You were so smart to hold firm and get the accident report. Glad you were not hurt.