Thursday, November 3, 2011


A short time ago Mom got a phone call from an "old" friend of hers who was passing through town on her way south for the winter. Her bridesmaid, Maureen (and her husband, Jim)wanted to meet for lunch if she was available. Mom agreed, but she wanted me to come along too. I had no idea who they were, so Mom started telling stories and we went digging through boxes looking for pictures. Picture taking and developing was expensive back then and the only picture we could find was at Mom's wedding. I took a picture of a picture and cropped it here so you could see these two beautiful women in 1952.

Fast forward to 2011 and here we are at Olive Garden enjoying a wonderful lunch of soup and salad! Oh, they have exchanged letters and pictures over the years and have gotten together once or twice. But there is nothing better than sitting down with your best friend talking and reminiscing.

They exchanged stories and tales, trials and tribulations and way to soon it was time to leave.

One last picture together as they walk out the door. Of course, they'll still keep in touch and maybe get to visit next year during next year's trek north to visit grandchildren. Or maybe, this winter, I'll take Mom and Matthew and drive south for a warm winter break!

Now I'm off to dig through boxes in my closet and find my high school yearbook! I recently received an invitation to my 35th reunion.... homecoming game and an Octoberfest Feast!

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  1. What wonderful pictures. There really is nothing like meeting face to face and talking and laughing and sharing. Glad you had the chance to meet your Mom's friends and glad you all were able to get together.