Thursday, November 10, 2011

California Bound

My uncle has been fighting bone cancer for years and is now asking family to come visit as he is unable to travel. I have been a busy whirlwind of activity unpacking, laundry and repacking so that within 24 hours after returning from my reunion in New York and a birthday party in Maryland I am packed and ready to fly to California with Matthew and Mom.

After packing, we went out for a Chinese dinner and here is my fortune.
I know, it's blurry... couldn't get the camera to focus in on it but it says "Measure your cloth ten times, you can cut it but once". How perfect!

So after dinner I spent a couple hours cutting fabric and preparing a kit for the cheddar challenge. I won't be doing it as a leader/ender project as it will be too challenging to lug the sewing machine to California for a week.

My squares are cut and have a spool of thread, thimble and ONE sewing needle... I even stopped at the dollar store for kindergarten blunt-ended scissor to take on the plane. I am going to attempt to sew these bow ties by hand. As I normally do most of my stitching by machine, this will be a challenge of a different kind.

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