Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Our little weekend projects

 This little project took two months of weekends and some evenings when it wasn't raining.  Last year, we removed the first stump and I planted my rose garden (3 roses) and some vegetables.  Once this second stump is out and the soil prepared I plan to add three more roses to the original section and this new section will become my vegetable garden.
We start by digging down around the stump and roots

digging out and chopping off  the extended roots

our grandson even gets involved cutting some of the smallest bits of root away

most of the side roots are cut away and now its time to dig down under and cut away the center of the stump

but first, rain storms form a moat around the main stump, delaying work
Once things have dried out a bit we cut away at the main stump... removing it piece by piece

It's these little roots on the bottom that give us biggest problems.  We have to carefully dig away the dirt because the chain saw dulls very quickly when it hits dirt.  

a little video on removing the main root.

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