Sunday, January 8, 2017

En provence #5 & #6 wip.... and #7 decisions

Christmas and visiting family has slowed down my progress... 
but progress is still being made.

Clue 5 is done.

And clue 6 is done...except for a bit of dog-ear trimming to finish.

Clue 7 is now a work in progress...

I am torn about the yellow... and if FB posts are any indication... so are many others. 

I originally planned on using this bright yellow  but when I laid it out I wasn't so sure about the pale lavender centers.  Then I thought about changing the pale lavender to my bright "lavender" to go with the bright yellow.

I am leaning towards the pale yellow and lavender and those are the pieces I have already made above.  After seeing the bright colors that others have made I think I have made the correct choice.   But, I will need to make up a few of these bright color blocks  to audition before assembling the quilt and regretting it later.

I have really had a lot of fun with the mystery this year and I look forward to a finish in the near future.

I haven't been able to stay close to keeping up since the Easy Street mystery.  That one I finished and is on my bed.


  1. Beautiful quilt on your bed! This is my first mystery, En Provence. I'm having fun.

  2. Lovely to see your finished Easy Street in use. (Planning to quilt mine this year.)

    En Provence is such a complex design, that you can't really tell how it will look from the components. You need to get a few blocks together to really appreciate it. And when you add the border it changes the look again.