Wednesday, December 21, 2016

En Provence #2

I finished the quantity needed for Clue 1 and moved on to cutting for Clue 3. Since they are the same block... just different colors... I thought it prudent to continue doing the same thing rather than trying the new Clue 2 block.

Wednesday was my sewing group meeting and lunch... and I was able to complete all of them before we went off to Red Lobster to celebrate the holidays.

After lunch I went home, got laundry started and began cutting the magenta triangles while eyeing my neutrals.  I wasn't so sure about using them... especially the cream colors... which have a yellow undertone color.  So I went stash diving again and came up with a white with purple print.  I made up  a couple blocks and though I worry about there being too much purple in it for a neutral print... I love the block.

The table and the triangle are actually white, not yellow-ish.  This picture does not show the proper coloring and, though I tried to edit it, I could't get the correct color to show.  The magenta is much brighter also.   I'll try for a better picture if it is sunny out tomorrow.

I'm having to fiddle a bit with that left side triangle.. it seems to want to come up short.   Cutting that little notch in the magenta triangle helps with alignment, but I still need practice to "eye" it better.   I've made 10 blocks so far and with each one I'm getting more accurate.  I have several yards of both fabrics so I have room to play and be picky with accuracy.

The grands showed up for a pizza dinner, and the oldest is staying with us for most of the Christmas break... so I will be trying to fit in more sewing when he goes to bed and in-between holiday activities.

Go over to Bonnie's blog for all the information on this Mystery Quilt, and check out what other quilters are doing for this mystery by following the link-ups.

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