Tuesday, December 6, 2016

And now it's December!

Life has been busy lately and I haven't posted in a while, so here is an update to catch you up on the happenings of my life.

The boys took turns doing the flag ceremony and learning how to fold the flag.  The cost of a full uniform was prohibitive for some of the boys.  Instead we tie-dyed matching t-shirts and presented them with home-made sashes for them to put their awards on.

Earlier in the year I took a class on how to make cement decorations from leaves around the yard.  I harvested one of the Elephant Ear leaves Matthew had grown, made the pile of sand and covered it with cement.   Here it is flipped over and drying.  I quickly made a second one before the weather turned cold.  I still have to "trim" it with dremmel, then paint and polyurethane it, but that will have to wait until Spring and warmer weather.

Brian came by for the regular bi-annual service to my heat pump and found this scary guy slowly slithering on the driveway.... a copperhead!    UGH! I guess it wasn't cold enough to send him hibernating yet!

I worked with some of the ladies from FCE sewing up bag holders and aprons for the regional and state conventions.

We took the boys to Nashville to see the Titans play the Colts (they lost !)  Then a couple weeks later the three boys (hubby included) went to Indianapolis to see the Colts beat the Titans again!  We are gluttons for punishment.

I stayed home from the Indianapolis game and instead worked at Santa's Workshop selling quilted items and crafts that I make throughout the year.

My Christmas Cactus decided to bloom early this year!

There was the Veterans Day Parade with the Knights of Columbus marching.... and a meet-up with a former JROTC teacher for Matthew.

The infamous dining room table was cleared and set with my grandmothers good Bavarian china for a grown-up Thanksgiving dinner of turkey and all the fixin's. (I forgot to take the picture of the turkey!)

Black Friday arrived signalling the beginning of the new Bonnie Hunter Mystery... En Provence.  I pulled fabrics from my stash, but haven't had time to begin cutting yet.

Instead, we had all three grandsons for a day full of activities with cars and legos and balls... and I made a second, kid friendly-kid approved Thanksgiving dinner of ham, potaotes and green beans.
Now it's December and the youngest grandson turned two ... he didn't quite know what to make of the candles on the cupcakes. The candles were eventually blown out with help from his brothers.  They all enjoyed playing with the cars.

The annual children's Christmas party at work .  Trying to get the three of them together and smiling for a picture proved impossible.... but they had fun with crafts, coloring and gifts.

I snuck in a 4-day trip to Denver to visit my youngest daughter, but I'll save those pics for the next post.

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