Sunday, June 19, 2016

2016 Canada.... Saturday walkabout

Saturday is our last day her and it is a cool sunny morning.  So, after a quick banana and peanut butter breakfast I head out for a morning walk... camera in hand.


Close to my turn-around point I came near a farm... There is a big white dog on the other side of the fence just staring at me, with a cow nearby.


There is a farmer and lady talking in the driveway just ahead and their 2 dogs come barking and running at me. I freeze...terrified!

All ends well. They were very nice... Lilly was a mutt that herds the cows and Shep is a huge I don't know what. His job is to protect the lambs from coyotes. (I didn't get a picture of Lilly... she was just a bit too rambunctious for me)

I had a nice conversation with Brian and Mandy... and they tried to hire me out to do chores for her mom Lori who happened to drive by.   I could hear sheep making a racket in the barn and asked why they were so noisy (I'm a city girl... and curious).  They asked if I wanted to see and they walked me across the field "Watch out for them soft spots!"
They open the barn door and there are oodles of soft fluffy lambs! I forget how many ewes... but there were 70! month old lambs just being weaned. Oh so cute!! Most of them were twins... but there were also 4 sets of quads! I got a lesson in animal husbandry....

They separate out 2 of the quads into a small pen and feed them milk from a bucket with nipples on it... 4 is too many for one mom to nurse. The ewes were in the center of the barn and the lambs were separated left and right by fences. there were spots in the fence that the lambs could go through depending on their size. Once they get to a certain size, no more mamas milk.... and that's why they were noisy!  There were troughs of feed for them in the side pens. I asked where all the daddys were... Brian say, "only one" (color me shocked!) Mr. ram has been one busy daddy!  Then Brian tells me has only 19 days to get the job done!!! oh my!! 

I thought I took a bunch of pictures but I think I was so busy petting and in awe that I forgot!

This cow came up to the fence to say goodbye as I was leaving.

After my Saturday morning walk I spent the afternoon sewing and completed all 30 of my yellow/gray blocks.  I'll have to arrange them when I get home before stitching into a top.

Our last meal was cooked on the grill....  chicken and vegetables.  There were some left-overs to finish up too.



We left the lodge Sunday morning after packing the car in the rain. 

Farewell Seeley's Bay

Once again, I was driving, and had no trouble getting through the border. 

We stopped at Sabarros for Kelly's favorite pizza before last hugs and dropping her at the Syacuse airport. 

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  1. This vacation got better as it went along. :)