Wednesday, June 15, 2016

2016 Canada... the drive continues

we get up at 7am and have a quick hotel lobby breakfast.  We go out to the car to discover that the tire has a slow leak and is low. Now this is Sunday of the holiday weekend... there is no help!! and we need to be at the Syracuse airport by 1:30 to pick up Kelly.

The desk clerk gives us directions to the nearest WalMart (30 miles away) where we were able to purchase several cans of  fix-a-flat and a tire pump.  We're on the road again and driving under the speed limit instead of flying down the road praying it doesn't blow again.  We know we are late but still trying to make it to Syracuse airport. Kelly calls when she lands and is just gonna hang out until we get there... (about 1.5hours)   Just as we enter Syracuse we hit HAIL!!! and blinding MONSOON rains! couldn't see a thing in front of me!....everyone put flashers on and just followed the barely visible lights in front...praying! We find Kelly and load her in.  Luckily the rain subsided and we are on the way again. We stop at a grocery store in Watertown to p/u supplies for dinner and breakfast. 

This is my first time driving into Canada and Kelly and Stan are warning me about all the questions we are going to be asked, and what we have to declare.  We are about fifth in line and they are making me a bit nervous.  I pull up, hand over our passports, the guard asks me where we were going and how long we were staying and we are through!  They are amazed!  When they went through last year they grilled and the guard was astonished that they were from Tennesse and had no firearms!.... like it was totally unheard of!  LOL

We made it across with only 5 min to spare at the money exchange but too late to get fishing licenses. 
We have to drive across this small draw-bridge to get to the lodge.
We were "lucky" on the way out to get stopped and have to wait for the bridge to open and let a boat to go through.

We finally arrive at the lodge around 8pm, exhausted and hungry.

This is not the cabin i was expecting.  I was led to believe it was like the cabin we stay at in KY....NOT.  I am freaking out "inside"... they are thrilled to be here. This is a big old house split into 3 "apartments"... ours was upstairs on the right. **15** creeky and worn wooden porch-type steps up... there is a landing half way up...but oh my knees! nothing was locked.... ok locks are important to me...I'm from NYC.. Iv'e been robbed.. locks are important to at least "feel" safe... but they assure me all will be well... O..kay.
Only two windows are open and the place was hotter 'n hades. NO AC.... this was not going to be my comfortably sewing away while they fish!  I'm freaking out even more...but i was good.  I kept my cool and kept my mouth shut.

l opened the rest of the windows. They carried everything up the stairs while I sorted belongings between the 3 BR and put sheets on the beds.  We sat out on the steps and landing until 10pm while the place cooled down to a balmy 78deg... i am now REALLY sorry that we forgot the wine.... kelly and matthew cooked the spaghetti and sauce and we ate. stan did dishes.

I head for a hot relaxing shower... NOT.... NO HOT WATER....its barely not cold.   Kelly says it will warm up if I let it run a bit.... it didn't. Sigh...I took a cold shower.  I am the queen of long hot showers... this was not going to be good. 

The wi-fi wasn't working and my Verizon phone doesn't work in Canada either. Kelly and Stan played games on their tablets... they had service.  

We played a couple games of gin rummy before I head for bed listening to the loons on the lake. 

Kelly goes for her hot shower and said i was right.. no hot water.. it should be warmer... we'll talk to management (i.e. james) in the morning. 

Welcome to Canada.

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  1. No hot water? Not even warm? Yuck. I like a nice hot bath/shower. Maybe that is their version of air conditioning. LOL