Monday, February 16, 2015

Sewing Studio Redo

 New Year's Day, when I went back into the Studio to get working on the mystery quilt, I discovered that the carpeting was soaked... from the back corner all the way into the middle of the room.  We discovered that the downspout extension had been removed and all that rain in December poured down off the roof  aimed right at the foundation corner.  I ran the dehumidifer for a few days hoping to dry it up and remove the musty smell, but it didn't work. I called Bob the handyman and got on his schedule for repairs.  In the meantime, my daughter and I emptied the room and pulled up the still soggy carpet.


We had painted the floor with Lock-tite the last time this happened back in 2007 (my daughter initialed and dated the floor with the paint!)  Apparently it wasn't enough to keep this from happening again.

Bob investigated and found that the floor molding was soft (rotting) and pulled off the wall boards to find that the water was seeping in from the brick foundation, not the flooring. 

All the rotting wood was removed, the brick foundation painted with Lock-tite and the rotten wood replaced.


The wall board was replaced, and while we were at it, extra electrical sockets and wiring for track lighting was added.


Primer and color.. I had agreed with my husband to paint it a neutral cream but  I woke up at 3am the night before purchasing the paint with an inspiration!   Lavendar!  A very light, neutral color rather than plain old white!   

And to save on labor and fussing with taping and sanding to get the walls smooth, Bob suggested a bead board and chair rail to cover up most of the damaged areas.
I LOVE it!


Next was the padding and carpet from Williams Carpet.  I can't get a good close-up picture but there are varying threads of color in this... including some purple .  If I decide to change things up in the future I will have a variety of colors to choose from without having to replace the rugs!


First thing back in the room is my collection of sewing machines!

Tubs with fat quarters, civil war and 1930s fabrics have been moved back in.  Along with smaller bins of projects started and a bookshelf full of additional projects.  
I think I need to expand my UFO listing!


Cutting dies and my Dear Jan project sit in boxes under my Studio Cutter.  The closet has 3 tubs of yarn and several other tubs with fabrics to be sorted through.   There are a few more boxes of fabrics and notions in the other room.  I need to get out shopping for more tubs to sort everything into.

I have three projects pulled out and sitting on my cutting/pressing table.... I can never work on just one thing at a time!

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  1. Well that was quite the surprise you had with the water leaking in. In the end the room looks beautiful, I love the lavendar and the bead board. You look really organized and ready to sew. I have a small closet in my sewing room and I put a small shelving unit in there and I am really happy because I don't have to move everything to get to the bottom bin. LOL