Monday, January 26, 2015

Hope Academy Placemat Project

I am prepping for a new project with my son's group Hope Academy.  Beginning February 4th, we are going help the kids make placemats for their mom's for Mother's Day.

My idea is to weave strips of fabric and quilt/sew them to a quilt sandwich.

I've collected a dozen or so flannel shirts and the teachers are in the process of helping me debone the shirts.  Once done, I will run them through my Studio cutter and make 2.5in strips

While they are doing that I am making weaving looms and quilt sandwiches.

I am cutting 18x22in cardboard frames.  Then marking and cutting 1/2in slats and 13x18 placemat center.

Then I'm making 15x18 quilt sandwiches using muslin, cotton batting and spray adhesive.

Next I center the quilt sandwich on the loom and trim to fit 1/2-1 inch past the placemat markings.

Using blue masking tape the sandwich is taped to the loom.

Finally, I use #10 cotton thread and load the loom.

One done... nine more to go.


  1. That is such a great idea. I hope you can get a picture of them weaving.

  2. The mothers are going to treasure these, good job designing a way that the kids can do this project!