Sunday, December 21, 2014

Grand Illusions Mystery Quilt link up

I finally finished my last customer quilt on Friday and am now free to get back to working on the Grand Illusions Mystery Quilt, designed and offered by Bonnie Hunter over at

I completed the first clue of broken dishes...

and I am now working on the second clue of Double Diamonds.

I have all the pieces cut and spent a couple hours last night drawing lines.  Bonnie described several methods for making these units, but I am using the draw the line on 2 squares method. I am also taking the time to draw the second line using my Triangle Buddy.  It is a time-consuming endeavor, but the end result will give me hundreds of extra HSTs to be used for another project!.

I have a dozen or so blocks made and several parts.  I'm thinking about setting this kit aside to start kitting Clue 3.  I'm never going to catch up what with Christmas 3 days away and family visits to host or make.  I would like to have some of each part ready to do a partial assembly.  So, I think that is my plan.  Kit and make just a few of each part and wait for the reveal.

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  1. Looks like you have a ton done already. Can't wait to see it start coming together