Sunday, May 18, 2014

A Quilter is Born

My handyman always brings his wife along as a helper. Bob and Peggy are a great team. Peggy was very intrigued by my quilter and and I showed her some of the quilts I had made, including the Big Brother quilt I had made for my eldest grandson from his old receiving blankets.  

Now I really had her interest.  We talked about her granddaughter and she decided she wanted to make one for her.  She had her daughter-in-law send her a bunch of her granddaughter's outgrown clothes and a new quilter is born! 

We have spent many happy hours working together.
I helped her sort through everything and showed her how to debone. 
When she had everything deboned, I showed her how to fuse stabilizer on the back of the knits and we ran everything through my Studio Cutter to make 5" squares.  

To encourage her, I pulled out some pink scraps from my stash and cut up a bunch of squares to start a new baby quilt to have on hand.

Wednesday we spent several hours together sewing the squares into rows.  

We'll be getting together again soon to assemble the rows and then go shopping for an inner border and final outer border.

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  1. Isn't it sooo much fun to get someone interested in quilting? And even betterto show them how to get started. Great job!