Saturday, June 22, 2013

Love Entwined

I'm not sure how I got there, but I recently found myself on Esther's Blog.  She is preparing an 18month long BOM reproducing her version of an antique applique coverlet, Love Entwined.

There is no clear picture of what this will look like yet, but there is a lot of chatting going on over at her yahoo group about it.  So I have been watching and waiting and trying to decide whether or not to attempt this, or not.    Esther does explain on her blog that this is definitely NOT a quilt for the faint hearted (or beginner). 

Today, Esther posted this picture of the chintz fabrics she is using.  I LOVE these florals, but I have nothing in my stash that would come close.  So,  I was still waiting to see the pattern before jumping in.
Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, I stopped at Hobby Lobby today to get some Heat & Bond lite for a different project.  After locating it hanging on the wall, I turned around to find this:

My colors are a bit different, and I won't be sure they will work until the pattern is released, but I think I have now committed to do this project! 
I can still change my mind though. She will also be releasing a second BOM that will be simpler, which may be what I use these fabrics for instead. 

Hop on over to her blog and check things out. 


  1. Whatever you decide to do, those beautiful fabrics are sure to make a lovely quilt. What a lucky find!

  2. It will be fun to get the quantity of fabrics we need and the first block. It sure looks like the pieces wil be a challenge be whether we needle turn or back baste. LOL. Bunny

  3. Real nice fabric!! won't be long now only a few more days!!

  4. Oh you did splash out this morning when you only went for some heat and bond LOL. Looks like they will make a stunning LE. Cheers Glenda

  5. Such lovely fabrics! It won't be long now before you can start using them!