Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Another Acquisition!

Today I was gifted with this beautiful, in a cabinet, Singer 15-90.  

Margena is downsizing... she and her son have swapped houses... his small two bedroom home was getting too small for his growing family and her 5-bedroom family house in the country was too big for her living alone.  Everyone is happier, but she is still trying to give stuff away that she no longer has room to keep.

This was her mother's sewing machine; she remembers making costumes and clothes for her children with it.

I checked on the serial number and found it was made in 1946.

 Look at the beautiful etching on this metal plate!

Some of the decals on the front and center of the base are worn, as is the finish on the wooden table... but this was a well used and cared for machine.

I'm not too sure about this motor and light.  I doubt they were original parts. The light is held on with this awesome chrome disk, but they just stand out as too different with their plastic-y white casings.  I'll have to ask when I see her next week what the story is.

But, look at what I found in the bottom drawer!  The original manual (which is how I know it's a 15-90!) and the original box full of assorted attachments!


  1. How fabulous is that? Give Margena a hug and a quilt for making sure that the vintage machine went to someone who will use it and cherish it.

  2. What a great machine!!!. She sure is a beauty. Enjoy.