Friday, January 11, 2013

Easy Street... question

I have made several Block A and love the look

Block A

I have also made several Block B... 
But, I have been thinking about changing the center of B block to a purple ... giving the block a slightly different look (green is not my favorite color and had I realized how predominent the green would be I would have swapped the blue and green colors.  But since it was a mystery... it is what it is and I can live with it.

Block B

Alternate Block B

And here the all the blocks are laid out ... but i can't decide if I like the purple or green center on the B block better. 

Assembled Corner

Assembled Corner Alternate Block B

Any thoughts or suggestions?


  1. I like the green simply because it keeps the diagonal line going in the green squares.

  2. I think it is just a personal preference. I like them both.

  3. Wow they both look nice! While I like the green because it helps keep the flow -- Personally I like the purple because it seems to tone down the "busy ness"?? If that makes any sense :-) But as Anonymous commented, it's your personal preference! Would it help if you looked at the Linky's posted to see other folks choices for those centers? Maybe seeing some completed and either green flows good, or you'll like the more quietness of your purple. Either way it looks fantastic - I'm still in Awe so many of us DID IT!! Yahoo :-)

    Dee in Arizona

  4. I am just assembling mine, using the original colours. Those diagonals are so important to the overall design that I would say they all need to be the same colour range- the same way the dark 4 patch is. If you want to change I would say change them all. I think your original looks very nice. Your call of course, good luck with it. I was at the stage of starting to put the blocks together and had a sudden urge to change the green. I thought pink would work. I didn't make the change and am very happy with my decision.

  5. I agree that both colors look good. I like the purple a bit better. Just like that extra bit of color, but then I probably would always put purple or blue in. LOL You can't go wrong either way.