Monday, December 17, 2012

Easy Street Step 4 and Becoming Tech Savvy

I have tried a number of times to watch Quiltcam on my Kindle when my husband was busy on the desktop with no luck... it just sits there with that little blue circle spinning round and round indicating that it was loading...NOT!

Recently someone on Quiltville Chat who was using their Kindle for Quiltcam informed me that I needed to download a Ustream app from in order to view Quiltcam on my Kindle. I searched all over the Amazon site for a Kindle Ustream app.... no such thing.  I finally gave up and used that "contact us" button for help.  There was a quick reply.... Kindle is an Android device... download the Android app and it should work!  Who knew!?!!!  I sure didn't!  I sure wish these electronic things came with a written  how-to manual!  ... you know... something like "Kindle for dummies!"  I have had this thing for nearly a year and have figured out how to check email (which is very slow) and read books.  Now I can do Quiltcam!  There is probably a lot more I could do too, if I only knew how!

So, not only is Bonnie an inspiration and a super quilt teacher!  she is also a pipeline to technological information!   Thank you Bonnie!

I finally got it working and was able to watch Bonnie on Quiltcam Sunday afternoon.  Good thing, because I was in the middle of prepping dinner and suddenly remembered that her 2pm time was actually my 1pm time...I just lost an hour!  YIKES!   So I grabbed my Kindle and held on to Bonnie with one hand while I saute'd  and mixed and got dinner together and into the oven.

I had just put everything in the oven and was starting to clean up when hubby comes in with the camera wanting to document my insanity! LOL!

Here are Steps 1 through 3 completed early Saturday Morning.

Step 4 is now underway....

145 green squares cut and, while watching Quiltcam, 64 blue geese under construction!

I still have a bit more sewing to do, but I'm sure I will be able to finish long before the next step is published on Friday!. 


I wrote and set this to post early this morning....
But I was up early again this morning and making more progress on Step 4.  Blue Geese are all done and the Stacked Geese are now in progress...

I forgot to take a picture of the pile of Blue Geese, but as I was trimming the Stacked Geese I discovered this...

If I trim Blue Geese up first, the center angle line on my ruller lines up with the Blue Goose

Then I flip the block so the Black/White Goose is on top and the center angle lines up with the Blue Goose on the bottom!

And here is a link back to Bonnie's blog.  At the bottom of her page are links to 240 avid Bonnie followers who have posted about their progress on this mystery also.

Go check them out and see all the different color ways that others have chosen.


  1. You need a cookbook holder to hold your Kindle while you cook! Great job on the blocks.

  2. I sure can relate to your techie issues because I get the slow circle sometimes just to load Bonnie's blog page on my PC.
    Your Easy Street fabrics look so nice!

  3. I am not tech savy either. It takes me forever to figure stuff out. Glad you got it sorted out and could watch Bonnie.

  4. What kind of Kindle do you have? I was thinking of getting one and I sure would like to be able to watch Quilt Cam on it. Love your "cooking" picture! Bonnie needs to see that one! Your blocks look really nice! Happy sewing!

  5. You are too much fun!! I loved that your hubby caught your insanity. I call it "if there is a will, there is a way!" You certainly hit on it. You got to watch QuiltCam and your family dinner wasn't delayed!! win/win makes me grin