Saturday, December 1, 2012

Easy Street Progress

Yesterday Part 2 of Bonnie's new mystery, Easy Street, was posted.  But I had customer work to finish and errands to run and Friday night is league bowling with my son. 

Matthew really loves to bowl so I paired up with him and we joined the league three years ago.  The first year, we bowled with Ken and Lynn and I think we ranked somewhere around 18th of 26 teams.   Matthew's average hovered near 90.  I hadn't bowled in 10 years and my average ended at 130. Last year we paired up with Trish and Richard and with slight improvements in our averages (95 and 132) and ranked 20 of 24 teams.  This year we have new bowlers Susan and Terry and we are hanging in at 21 of 24 teams (and the last team is a blind...meaning an empty team!)  My average is moving closer to 140 and Matthew is up 10 105 with almost half the season gone.  We will never be a money making team, but we always have lots of fun!

It was 9pm before I was ready to start work and first chore was to finish pressing the remaining 192 four-patches from last week's Step1.

That done, Step 2 starts with cutting 64 rectangles.... well actually, it was the last part of the step, but I decided to do it first so I don't forget after being distracted by all the flying geese!

 The first part of Step 2 is to cut 128 purple triangles using the Easy Angle Ruler and 2inch strips.  Easy-peasy, especially since Bonnie, with the help of her son Jeff, posted a video on how to use the rulers!

Next I began cutting 128 background triangles for the geese wings using the Companion Angle. 

I didn't get them all done last night, I quit around 11pm for some much needed sleep.  I got up early this morning and finished the cutting; here they all are stacked nice and neat and ready to sew. 

I stitched together 30 geese so far but with the arrival of my daughter and grandson we are heading out for some Christmas shopping.  I'll be back to finish these geese later.


  1. Fun to see your Easy Street progress is balanced by top quality family time. That's the best!

  2. Well done! I have about 1/2 my geese sewn and am just savoring the journey. If I finish too fast I'll have to do some actual work :)

  3. Great progress on ES. I made two sample blocks, cut a few of each and haven't gotten back to the studio. But half the house is decorated for Christmas. Keep up the good work.

  4. Love that you bowl w/Matthew! Good going on ES too

  5. Looking great...on Easy Street. Keep sewing.