Saturday, October 13, 2012

Saturday Morning Adventure

I was up early this morning and off to the Farmers Market to purchase another bushel of apples to dry to make fried pies for next summer's fair.

With my purchase loaded into the van  I headed home, but decided to stop at  couple of yard sales on the way.  I picked up a set of salt and pepper shakers for my daughter and several skeins of yarn to knit a baby blanket.  Then I spied a familiar shaped box over on a table piled with computer and electronic stuff.

It's a Universal Sewing Machine!  Serial No.  S44709.  I'll have to search for the website to check the serial number to find out how old it is and where exactly it was made.   It is very heavy!....not the feather weight that I really want, but a pretty new addition to my collection.    The box it sits in is rotted a bit where the screws  are supposed to go.  Everything seems to turn and move very nicely.  Because the wires were dried and cracked and would have to be replaced, I talked her down to just $30!

I'll have to make a trip up the plateau to Montery and see my favorite Singer repairman to replace the wire.  I might be able to take the box apart and replace the one rotted board (or I'll have my woodworking brother do it for me when I see him at Christmas... wink wink) 

I've got the apples (some of them) sliced and in the dehydrator and now I'm off to dinner.


  1. What a coup de gras on the Universal! Good find and thanks to you, it will be treasured rather than rotting in a dump.

  2. What a great find!!Looks pretty too. That featherweight will show up.

  3. I just found one of these beauties myself, was wondering if you ever found that website to see how old it is?! I see your also a Bonnie fanatic, Quiltville is the place to go and hang out!!!

    1. I don't think there is a way to date these knockoffs. Don't know of a website. Yes, I do love Bonnie!