Saturday, October 20, 2012

Quilt Cam Time

Whenever Bonnie Hunter is home and has some free time, she goes down to her sewing room in the basement.  She turns on her camera and chats with us, answers questions and encourages us to sew along too.  Sometimes it is spontaneous, other times are planned in advance and announced on her blog.  But always, it is lots of fun... sewing with hundreds of your closest friends all around the world!

I have sat and sewed with her in the past, but today is Saturday and that means a trip to the local Farmers Market to purchase my third bushel of apples this year.  I have to peel, core and slice apples to place in the dehydrator and dry so that I have enough dried apples for fried apple pies to eat throughout the year and for the fair next summer.

So this is where I spent the afternoon... in front of the computer, chatting with Bonnie, green bag full of apples, trash can for peels and cores, tray and slicer and the the dehydrator trays.  As I fill each tray I make a run to the kitchen and add it to the dehydrator.  Quilt Cam time lasted about 3-1/2 hours .... and with Bonnie as a distraction... just long enough to fill the dehydrator with 9 trays of apples.

After 12 +/- hours of drying, I fill quart size ziplock bags with 6 oz of apples...that is enough apples for a batch of 25 fried pies.  So far, 69 pounds of apples giving me 17 bags of dried apples will make approximately 425 fried pies for the fair.

This last bushel of apples I have to process will be for pies for the family this winter.


  1. You are so ambitious........that is lots of work!

  2. Wow. That is a lot of work. I feel like a real slacker. LOL