Thursday, August 9, 2012

Quiltmakers Block Party Part 3

Saturday morning and our last day of classes with Bonnie.  This time, the block was Midnight Flight.

Once again we had a full class of happy women... shown here giving the Rotary Cutter Salute to Bonnie

We started with sewing strips of red/neutrals and cheddar/neutrals then sub-cutting and stitching into 4patches.  Next came the black/white half-square triangles (otherwise known as HSTs)

Here I have laid out two quarters of the block
After lunch we had to assemble the third unit of this block.... the parallelograms.  But there was a catch!  You had to remember to make half slanting up and the other half slanting down.

Each of the four quarters of the block are identical... what makes the block design work is that each quarter is turned  before sewing into the completed block.

One gal didn't pay close attention to the block assembly and rotated the four quarters in a different manner to create her own unique block!

 Even Bonnie was pleasantly surprised at the result!

Too soon our time together was over.  We all packed up our sewing machines and fabrics and headed for home.  One thing is for certain.... we all declared Quiltmakers first annual Block Party a complete success!

Come back to view my next post this weekend.... I'll be showing all the antique goodies I found on my way home!

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  1. More great blocks. Love the rotary cutter salute.