Friday, August 31, 2012

Mom & Me

There is an event called Mom&Me Spa Night that is a fundraiser for the local children's museum.  They rent vendor tables for a donation to the museum and I thought  mom and I could enjoy a fun evening together.  I spent several days making mini-cellphone purses (44 of them!) in a variety of fabrics that I thought kids would enjoy, grabbed Mom and set up a table to sell and watch the show.

We saw little ones dressed ready for a Toddlers&Tiara competition or Sunday services or a romp on the playground at the local park. Mom's were similarly dressed. Girls from 4-14 wandered from table to table with Mom in tow.... the local high school vocational class students did hair braiding, nail painting, face-painting or full make-up, painted strands of hair or tied strips of glitter/ribbon to sections of hair.  Girls could decorate a small container and fill it with sugar scrub to wash with at home or make a friendship bracelet with beads and floss or make a hair bow using decorator duct tape!   They could have a memory picture taken after being "dolled" up. A kareoke machine was set up on stage for those who wanted to show off their talents and a local dance studio teacher and students did a demonstration and taugh a group of about 20 interested girls a short dance routine.  There were vendors selling jewelry, bags, pampered chef and more.  There was even an area set up with bean bags where the girls donned a terry robe and laid down with cucumbers on their eyes to de-stress!

It was an interesting evening and a fun distraction.... and all for a good cause!


  1. Sounds like great fun. I could use the cucumber destressing station. LOL

  2. I forgot to say, great picture of you and your Mom.