Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tutorial - Cell Phone Mini Purse

A quick tutorial on how to make the cell phone/mini purse.  They would make a great gift for any young girl on your gift list or you could change it up and use cording or a shoestring to make an over-the-shoulder gift for the more mature girls you know!

Step 1.... start with two contrasting fabrics measuring 6 x 14

Step 2.... Cut a 5.5 x 13.5 piece of fusible interfacing (medium weight) and center on the back of one of the fabrics.  Follow product directions for fusing. 

Step 3....  Layer fabrics, right sides facing.  Cut a 5inch piece of ribbon, fold in half and pin so that the loop is inside your purse sandwich approximately 3.5 inches from the top ...  at this point you could substitute a shoestring or cording keeping the string inside and pin the ends facing out on each side of the purse sandwich.

Step 4.... Now it's time to stitch on your velcro dots.    I folded the lining fabric up to form the purse and placed and stitched the dots on. I later discovered that the dot on the left should have been  positioned on the printed fabric to properly close the purse...... Fold up the printed fabric right side out to determine where the closure dot should be placed.

Step 5.... Stitch the layers together leaving an opening to turn the purse.  I also did some extra backstitching where the ribbon is for extra security.

Step 6..... Turn the purse.  Fold up the bottom to just above whee the ribbon sticks out.  Starting on one side at the bottom of the all the way around the edge to the opposite bottom.  This will close up the opening you used for turning and finish your purse.  I did some extra backstitching for added strength when I reached the part near the ribbon and purse opening and also at the bottom of the purse.

I added little clasps so it can be hooked onto a belt loop or larger purse handle.

Hope this is clearer than mud for you and you can make your own.  Any questions, let me know!


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  1. Thanks for the tutorial! I like that you added the clip. I would like to have a hands free bag like this. Guess I better shop the stash and try some.