Friday, April 27, 2012

Flea Market and Cheddar Bowtie Update

I stopped by the flea market again this weekend and saw this.
It's a hand-pieced bowtie quilt's actually has purple/deep rose color spacer blocks, not brown
These blocks are about 6inches 
It reminded me that I need to get working on mine again

I have the first quarter of the quilt blocks pieced...81 blocks (need 324! to complete the quilt)
I am in the process of stitching them into 9 rows of 9... I have 4.5 rows stitched to date.  
Now that I've seen this picture, I'm going to have to go back and redo some of those pink-ish bowties... I notes that the pattern lines are in a variety of directions... gotta fix that!
I still need to make 243 more blocks!
I need to schedule more handwork time if I'm ever going to complete this.
Then I need to decide how to quilt it!

Other interesting Flea Market Finds...

I thought this little sewing machine was cute!  But no one was available to find out details about it.

Matthew's favorite find..... Sasquatch!


  1. Looks like fun. Seems like you have a lot of bowties made. Guewss you have a few left to make.
    Happy stitching.

    1. 81 does seem like a lot of blocks, but they are only 3inches.. and these only make a 27 inch square! I'm thinking to make 4 sets then add a border and maybe some sashing in between to get up to at least 60 inches. This is definitely a multi-year quilt top!
      Thanks for stopping by.