Monday, March 5, 2012

Organization 102

The rooms have been emptied and rearranged, and while not completely organized I am happy with the results so far.

My quilting studio is now formed by a wall of shelves and boxes of fabrics and scraps.  As customers walk into the room there is a table to lay their tops on where we can measure and discuss work to be done. The boxes are labeled with content or fabric color.  I love that there is more open floor space for me to maneuver as I quilt along.

 The sewing studio is reorganized too.  Along the back wall of the room is a table with baskets of UFOs that need to be finished.... yes that pile is way too high!...but it was even higher last year, so I am making slow progress getting things done.  Next to that table it is my new pressing table that my husband made as a Christmas gift with some batting scraps in those pink crates underneath.  Right now it is piled high with fabrics that I am in the process of  preparing for three different quilt classes I will be attending in August.  The spare bed on the right wall serves as a "table" for my roll of batting with the extra roll stored standing on the floor in the corner.  At the bottom of the bed is the spare dresser in which I am organizing and sorting my fat quarters and storing my Dear Jane kits with work in progress.

Along the left wall of the room is my sewing table and chair.  I've discovered that I need to buy one of those plastic or wooden things for the floor as my chair will not roll on the carpet.  I've got a couple of  folding tray tables and my handquilting hoop and stand with the quilt I will eventually finish for me!  Now that it is set up and constantly staring at me I will be able to view and decide how to quilt the next block.  The last item along that wall is my cutting table... it is constructed with saw horse legs purchased from Lowes and my old butcher-block kitchen table. Yes, there is a pile of projects to be cut stacked here too, and I will get them all done eventually!   On the window sill above the table are my Civil War fabrics and some of my collection books

Lastly is the closet.  It is crammed full with two large tubs of various yarns and knitting projects, another two large tubs of fabrics and patterns for dresses and jackets that I planned on making, another large tub of kitchen towels and yarns and yet another full of colored plastic bags to be cut and crochet into waterbottle holders or entry-way rugs to help stop dirt and leaves from being tracked all over the house!  Not sure how it got knocked off, but I'll have to get hubby to put that one door back on it's tracks this weekend.

There are still more boxes to sort through, organize, and label, but at least now I can move my elbows while working and not have to worry about knocking something over.  I am so lucky to be able to expand into and take over two rooms... one for hobby and one for busniess!


  1. How did you get that all done so fast? Are you drinking Shirley water? It seems like it takes me forever to get things done lately.
    Enjoy your new rooms.

    1. I had been thinking about what I wanted to do and I had a plan all set. All I was waiting for was my son to have time to help me. We worked really hard all day and got most of it moved around. I still have more boxes in the family room to go through, but I'm getting there.

  2. I have a local friend that is a LA'er & her dad made her the neatest table for her roll of batting. The table is wide enough to hold the width of the roll & maybe around 6ft long.

    At 1 end of table & up close to a wall, he made a wooden rack that holds the roll on a rod in position like it's sitting on your bed. This allows you to take the end of the batting & roll it out onto the table for cutting.

    It's nothing fancy, just 2 x 4's & plywood with a padded covered table top, but it keeps that big roll under control.

    1. WOW! That sounds great! My quilter has a pole underneath that is supposed to hold the batting, but it's too awkward/difficult for me to load it up without straining my back, so the spare bed has been a real blessing!