Friday, February 3, 2012

Ground Hog Day

Yesterday was groundhog day. I don't know about Pennsylvania where Pauxitawny Phil is located, but here in Tennessee it was a beautiful, warm sunny day. Surely he would have enjoyed coming out of his hole and basking in the rays! I know I did!

I hated to stay inside and have to work so after completing my customers quilt I decided to treat myself to lunch at one of my favorite places for take-out. The Gyro Dude offers a variety of Mediterranian dishes... including gyros! My favorite... Falaffel with taziki sauce and a village salad. YUM! I saved half for tomorrow's lunch and the pita bread to dip in some hummus for an afternoon snack!

I took it home and sat on the back porch, soaking in some rays and watching and listening to the birds sing. To top it off, I indulged in a little dessert... Bakalava...layers of philo and honey and nuts... So sweet and really couldn't eat much more than that bite.

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  1. Think I will have to go to Pita Inn tomorrow for lunch. Looks yummy.