Saturday, January 21, 2012

FCE Camp

I belong to a group called FCE (Family Community Educatition)run by an extension officer from the University of Tennessee. One of the many activities we do throughout the year is to hold an annual "camp" to teach classes and share our skills with each other and the community.

This year, I will be teaching a quilt block sewing class and have been busy making samples. I decided to do this when I heard that the theme this year was something about crossroads... (I forget what the exact words are) I remembered there was a quilt block named crossroads so I thought it would make a perfect fit! Everyone from beginner to experienced sewists could come out of class with a completed block!

After making the sample block I thought it was nice, but what would anyone do with just one block? So I decided to make a few more blocks and offer a second class with kits and instructions to make additional blocks that could be made into a tablerunner or even a set of placemats. I decided on the Basket, Shoofly and Bowtie blocks.

And here are the four blocks sewn together into a table runner. I'm still debating adding a cream color border all the way around before quilting...or even changing the cream to something else.

I decided to add the cream border and love the way it looks now!

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  1. Looks really cute. Love the red and white. How about a thin white border and maybe a checkerboard or paino key border using the red and white? Either would be easy for beginners to make.