Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cheddar Challenge

Bonnie Hunter, scrappy quilt designer extraordinaire, issued a challenge to all quilters using her favorite color fabric... Cheddar! She wanted to see how many bowtie blocks could be made over the next year as leader/enders. Read her her July 13th post and learn all about it.

My problem was I had no cheddar and was unable to find any at the local quilt shops. So both a good friend and I were heading out of town... in different directions... with the goal of finding some cheddar. I found this bright yellow cheddar and decided to pair it up with some civil war blues and red that I had.

I also found this cheddar... more of a butter color.

My friend Janice found this cheddar..I think it is more pumpkin though. Here I've matched it up with these two choices of civil war fat quarter fabrics in reds or neutrals.

I think the real challenge is deciding what "Cheddar" really looks like! As a friend recently said, I guess it depends on if you want mild, sharp or blended cheddar!


  1. That cheddar is hard to find sometimes. Enjoy doing your bowties.

  2. Love your fabrics! Haven't heard from you in awhile, hope you been busy.