Monday, August 29, 2011


It's Monday again... and for me, that means it's time to work on cleaning off as much clutter as possible from the dining room table. You see, I don't have an office, so the dining room table has become my dumping ground for mail, papers, bank statements and bills... plus anything else I don't have time to deal with during the week.

This Monday is particularly painful since I haven't tackled most of this job for the last month.... I've been busy with the county fair and a JOB and... well, just life in general! I just grabbed and paid the bills and hoped there was enough in the checking account to cover it! LOL!

Today, I've made the job more palatable by taking a handful of papers at a time to the kitchen table and worked there in front of my nice sunny bay window. On this particular sunny Monday I had the added distraction of watching the humming birds. We have one male and four females.
I've seen the four ladies get along just fine... each eating from a different port of the feeder at the same time. BUT... as soon as the male is near all heck breaks out. He is chasing everyone away... defending his food source! They fly straight up or down or zoom left or right! They are difficult to photgraph, but a real pleasure to watch. It almost makes paying bills fun!..... almost!


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  1. Great pictures. I think I might forget to pay the bills watching those hummingbirds. Hope you had a great day.