Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Kimmie's Wedding Quilt.... Part 1

This is my first attempt at blogging, so I hope you will be patient with me as I learn how to do this.

What to blog about??? Well, how about the quilt I am currently working on for a wedding present for my niece. I am frantically sewing pieces together in hopes that I would have a completed top to show her on the big day...May 14... only 10 more days! I will do the quilting after the wedding and mail the completed quilt to her later...she is a very understanding niece :<}

The pattern is Roll Roll Cotton Boll... a mystery quilt by Bonnie Hunter at The mystery was revealed over an 8 week timeframe beginning December 2010, but I didn't begin this project until mid January 2011 when I received the wedding invitation and decided that this was the quilt I wanted to make for her.

This pattern is designed to be made using your know... all the left over pieces of fabric from past projects. Ideally, the stash is cut into workable sizes of squares and strips... unfortunately, mine is not. Let's just say stash management is something I am in the process of learning. My stash is currently stored in boxes and sorted by color, but no workable sizes...that's a project for a future date. I chose, instead, to go to the local quilt shop and purchase fabric in her color choices (blue, green purple) to make cutting the pieces necessary for this project easier and quicker. I also purchased men's cotton shirts from Goodwill.

I will stop for now and get back to sewing. But above is a picture of the fabrics I chose. I'll be back later with updates and more pictures of the process.

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