Saturday, May 7, 2011


Just so you don't get bored with my sort of diary of Kimmies wedding quilt I thought I'd change the subject today and talk about some of my distractions from quilting.

Last night was our county's Relay for Life event. The American Cancer Society sponsors this fundraising event every year all around the country. Funds are used to continue research for a cure... not only breast cancer, but all cancers! Teams are formed, money is pledged and team members walk around the track for 12 hours. There is a special survivors starting lap and a luminary ceremony to name and memorialize those who have died of this disease followed by honoring those who have fought and won their battle. The remainder of the night is filled with fun activities. Of special importance this year is the beginning of a new 20 year study about genetics and cancer. To register there is a simple questionaire, and some blood samples drawn for testing. Every participant is given a number to protect privacy and you will be contacted periodically during the next 20 years. With both my best friend and mom being cancer survivors I felt this was important enough to participate with hopes of finding cures/prevention for all future generations. At the end of the night we had raised over $103,000! Sorry, I forgot my camera so I couldn't take any pictures.

This morning I started my day with continued work on Kimmies wedding quilt, but after a couple hours in walked another little 2 year old grandson. He loves peanutbutter and crackers, walking our dog Toby and following grandpa around the garden. Today was harvest day.... strawberries! Eating them fresh picked from the garden was a real treat for him. Here he is with his favorite aunt after tasting just a few!

Mom wasn't thrilled that his new white t-shirt and shorts were covered in strawberry juice...Nana was in the doghouse. But, being resourceful I threw everything in the washer with some soap and Oxyclean and him in the tub with some bubble bath, all was shiny and clean again and Mom was smiling when she headed home a couple hours later.

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